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A home designed for a family

In collaboration with my client we designed a family home specific to suite their families needs. The layout was designed meet the families current configurations, yet have an eye to the near future. One member is soon be off to attend higher education and grand children are on the horizon. Our plan accounts for the evolving work environment, where family member can be working remotely.

The family was still in the process of moving in when these images where taken. The chairs, cushions, pool furnishing and family keep sakes have since been added. all reports are they are settling in well and discovering new aspects to the home all the time. This is great to hear, as the project was very much a team effort between myself and the client. We all are satisfied with how things turned out.

Kudos to Hammerhead Custom Builder (the general contactor and builder), CRI, Interior, Inc. (interior designers) and Photographers by Moonlight Productions.