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Contemporary flair for a family home

Mr. client entrusted me to design a four bedroom home with an office, gym, open kitchen and family room; all with a contemporary styling to the home. I relished the opportunity to show the range of architecture I can provide.

Each bedroom has its own bathroom and walk in closet. The rear opens out onto a cover porch with a fire place and wall mounted tv. The interior was crafted in collaboration with my clients to design a unique living room entertainment wall and kitchen island. The homes veneer is a tabby stucco with crushed oyster shells imbedded into the stucco. We choose the color of the stacked stone so it would be pleasing and be complimentary where to the stucco veneer.

All in all; this was a fun project to work on. I can not thank my client enough for allowing me the freedom to craft a new home for them.